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Mediamatters.org compiled its “Worst Media Moments” of President Obama’s first 100 days.  Of course, most of it’s from Fox “News.” Below:

Yesterday, the mainstream media had a field day providing special coverage of President Obama’s first 100 days in office. In the 24 hour cable news cycle, filler (and a bit of foolishness) is going to make its way through. MSNBC isn’t part of regular cable in Atlanta, so I didn’t get to check out their coverage. If anything stood out on the network’s coverage, send a link.

In Crazyman perspective, Glenn Beck gave his thoughts on Fox “News.” Unlike those other networks “owned by energy companies” slobbing with joy over Obama’s first 100 days, Beck was determined to give it to the viewers straight on the only Fair and Balanced network. Ummkay. Let’s give it a go:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks for that Glenn. My week just wouldn’t be complete without wondering, “What does Glenn Beck think about this?” or watching you tear up just thinking about Obama in power.

As a gauge for how the country feels about the presidency so far, CNN brought out the magic wall on Wednesday. Why won’t that magic wall just die already? After the election, John King and CNN’s map became about as necessary as that hologram they brought out with Will.I.Am in November.

Also on CNN, Kyra Phillips & T.J. Holmes discussed Obama’s swagga. And Phillips tried wayyy too hard.

The segment was complete with the fistbump and all. Foolery. I really wish they’d give T.J. some serious stories. I know he’s eye candy (my friend and I acted a fool when we met him at UNITY last summer), but come on now CNN.


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During President Obama’s first 100 days, there are some actions of his I really liked, such as his trip around the world to start a change of America’s image abroad. I also like that he’s trying to push health care at the beginning of his term, and that he put education in the stimulus package. Of course, there are some issues, such as the vetting of some of his appointments that provided some slip-ups. And I’m not sure I’m on board with his pushing for a larger Afghanistan military presence … but on the whole, I think 100 days is too soon to see the full effects of Obama’s presidency. A lot of policies, such as the stimulus package, are just going to take more than 100 days for the country to see the impact.

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I’ve been waiting forever to hear a full version of “Pretty Wings” from Maxwell and see the music video. Today, he premiered the video on 106 & Park. And, I loves it. It’s so simplistic, yet fits the song so well. The imagery of the women rising from the beds at the end is just beautiful. Why can’t we get more mainstream music/videos like this? Definitely looking forward for the album to drop this summer.

View it below. What do you think of the video?

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During an icebreaker at work one evening, co-workers had to guess each others’ favorite show. I felt some type of way that they guessed I love Living Single. Not because I don’t, but because I wondered, do I just look like someone who likes that show? I felt the same way when someone I didn’t know that well asked if I liked India Arie because it seemed like I should. I do, but I felt some type of way about her just assuming that. But moving on. As a follow up to Golden Girls, (discussed Sunday) my favorite female ensemble show is Living Single. Although two men were part of the cast, to me, the show can still fit into the female ensemble category because for the most part it was about the ladies and it took some elements from the Golden Girls.

A lot of people say it was the predecessor to Friends and never got its props. And I agree. Living Single definitely had a following, but was cancelled by Fox, brought back for a fifth season, and then ultimately met its demise.

The show followed a group of African-American professionals living in Brooklyn in the ’90s. It was spearheaded by the Queen Latifah.

Latifah’s role on the show as Khadijah fit perfectly into the (Golden Girls) Dorothy mold.  She was the always the leader – the strong anchor of the house.

Synclaire (played by Kim Coles) was most definitely the Rose – simple, yet funny and extremely loving. “Woo woo woo!” (more…)

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Swine Flu: On Monday, a CNN headline read: “OK, Can We Panic Now?”

Ummm, should you really be trying to cause panic CNN? I have to give the network a Stephen Colbert-style Wag of the Finger for this. Remember the Bird Flu and SARS? Not that this situation couldn’t become a serious worldwide pandemic, but the mainstream media loves to stroke up fear. People need to take precaution, but let’s not go crazy just yet.

Mexico: I don’t know what’s going on in Mexico lately. With the combination of danger from gang and drug-related violence, swine flu deaths and the earthquake on Monday, it’s way too much happening down there.

Media-Created Sayings: Bromance. Where did this mess come from? Besides episodes of Scrubs and Tyra, I have never seen this so-called new trend before. Are guys really having these relationships in real life?

Britain’s Got Talent: Am I the only one who doesn’t give two flying figs about Susan Boyle?

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When I first saw previews for Obsessed, I thought, who’s going to pay their hard-earned recession dollars to see this crappy movie? It looked like a straight to DVD, early dollar movie film for sure. And who isn’t tired of Beyonce’s attempts to act? I was considering writing a “You’re Too Good for This” post about Idris Elba’s participation in this foolery.

Critically, reviewers annihilated the film, but Obsessed still came in at the top of the box office this weekend raking in $28.5 million. Who knew? Even against movies like The Soloist with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., this Fatal Attraction meets random Lifetime movie knocked all its competitors out of the water.

I wouldn’t go see it even if I could afford to, but hey – if Beverly Hills Chihuahua could become a surprise box office hit, why not Obsessed?

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 A former Hampton University student armed with three guns followed a pizza delivery man into the student’s former dorm early Sunday, shot the delivery man and a dorm monitor, then turned the gun on himself, university officials said. All three survived. The 18-year-old former student, who is from New York City, apparently parked his car off campus to avoid a vehicle checkpoint at Hampton’s main gate, then followed the pizza delivery man on foot and inside a freshman dormitory, Harkness Hall. Once inside, he shot the pizza man and entered the monitor’s office and fired three shots at him, then shot himself, Hampton University Police Chief Leroy Crosby said. Officials could offer no motive for the shooting. Hampton President William R. Harvey, who said he arrived within 15 minutes of the shooting, told a news conference the campus shooting could have been much worse. “I think we are very, very fortunate. This could have been another _ you fill in the blank,” Harvey said. AP

I can’t even get my mind around this story right now. I wouldn’t have ever expected a school shooting at Hampton University. Some black people think that school shootings won’t happen at black schools because it’s not common. But in today’s society, where all kinds of crazy things are going on, you’ve got to be ready for anything — no matter where you are.

Why are so many people going nuts and going on shootings or killing their families lately? I just don’t understand. At least in this case there weren’t any fatalities. Although I’m not sure how the perpetrator managed to shoot five shots and kill anyone. That seems a bit odd, especially because he tried to commit suicide and was off with that shot too. But the incident should still be taken seriously because it could have turned out much worse.

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