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*Jul 07 - 00:05*Holds head down in shame. Either TV has gotten so bad that I’ve lowered my standards, or boughettoness and gross materialism have grown to amuse me. I’m gonna stick to the former. I used to be such a TV snob…. And here I am watching Housewives of Atlanta and enjoying it. Laughing. Waiting for the fights… Next thing I know I’ll be watching Tiny and Toya and actually comprehending what they’re saying.

Lawd, take me now!

When Flavor of Lovepremiered while I was college, I refused to partake in the coonery. I will not be watching that mess, I told my friends. Stop telling me how entertaining it is! That ignorance will ooze out of the screen and jump into my soul.

I had the same reaction the first time I saw an episode of Housewives of Atlantaduring its first season. Why are these women representing housewives? Or Atlanta? Or black women? Sigh. I hate materialistic people and people who put on airs. This show was so full of that I could barely ingest more than 10 minutes of it. NeNe was way too much for me, besides me getting past the fact that this grown woman couldn’t go by a real name. I hated all of them.

But I’m a sucker for a good marathon. I started watching a HWOA marathon on a weekend with nothing to do, and the next thing I knew I was hooked. I didn’t necessarily like any of the women more than before, but nonetheless, I was a viewer.

Fast forward to this week, and the premiere of the second season. A few observations: (more…)


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Here’s a new music video for “Summertime” by dead prez. Was I the only one who didn’t know dead prez had new music out? Anyways, watch and enjoy.

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The commercial below was shown over and over again during CNN’s BIA2:

Puh-leaze. The United States is not even one of the best countries for health care. If some Canadians do want to go somewhere else for better treatment, the U.S. is not the better option. (See World Health Report).

“..Patients are denied care because government says they aren’t worth it,” PUN says in the ad. Well, in the United States, people are denied coverage if they have certain pre-existing conditions because insurance companies running off profit say they’re not worth it. I see that’s not in the ad…

 As one of the millions of uninsured Americans who had to save for months to afford to go to two doctor’s visits, I’d gladly trade with someone who lives in Canada. A giant Boo to Patients United Now for this ad.

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While the first evening of BIA 2 was most definitely an improvement over BIA 1, last night’s second installment was not.

Somewhere along the way of every segment, the producers and editors seemed to lose focus of where the show was going. Was it “solutions?” A married couple having problems? Sick black people? Sick black people in Africa? Black men who don’t go to the doctor? Black men in jail? Black men with kids who commit crimes after they’re released from jail? Scenes from old “Cops” episodes? I guess CNN couldn’t step away from that “sucks to be black in America” feel that made the first BIA so slit-wrist worthy.

And the program ended on a Tyler Perry profile. Who knows what that had to do with being Black in America? Maybe just because he’s black? Black people watch his movies and TV shows, so his stuff is part of the “solution?” I really don’t know.

There’s really no way to really delve into what it’s like to be black in America in a four hour special. And no matter what, you can’t satisfy every viewer. But overall, last night’s show was just poorly done. It was on some BET Awards ‘09 level of messythrowntogetherness. But most of all, I want Soledad O’Brien to go back to any journalism school in the country and learn how to ask good open-ended questions. Who asks a sick man taking 12 medications, “Does death seem like a better way sometimes?” What??!! Oh Soledad.

But it’s not all Soledad’s fault. Someone, somewhere at CNN looked at this documentary and approved it, so the blame can’t all fall on her.

I can only imagine what will come out of the Latinos in America program premiering in the fall.

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I wasn’t sure how far into BIA 2 I would get after my reaction to last year’s program. So I let my friend and fellow journalist – she’s in broadcast – take the reign to review the program. Here are her thoughts on the first installment of the documentary:

By: Ahnomaly

Black_in_America(2)Black in America 2 haunted me in my sleep each night after I saw the first promos months ago. I rolled my eyes at every CNN commercial. I tossed and I turned in my sleep remembering the emotions that were evoked from last year’s special.

That year instead of revealing what it really was like to be black, CNN regurgitated unflattering all too familiar images of Blacks.

The reminder of the horribly produced series hit me each time I saw a commercial break with Soledad O’Brien’s name sitting in the lower part of the T.V. screen.

“Oh gosh, CNN’s Black in America is close… I’m scared,” I wrote on Twitter.

I knew another dose of fictitious Black images were awaiting millions of Americans and myself, coated heavily in sensationalism. But tonight, an unfamiliar feeling arose.

This year’s BIA2 was like an abandoned building. It was gutted and restored images of Blacks once forgotten or unknown. Perhaps all of the producers were fired or maybe they all had a stern talking to. Whatever the case it was better.

I met Glorious, a young black woman who overcame obstacles to make it to college, and I also met a wonderful man named Steve Perry, who developed a prep school called Capital Prep to prepare these children. Did I mention 100 percent of Capital Prep students graduate and attend a four-year university? Impressive.

BIA 2 gave us a glimpse into a black reflection that many blacks have never seen on screen. It guided us into the world of privileged blacks, a group rarely seen in media – let alone talked about.

I met a young woman who, most importantly, I could relate to. She was a college graduate and successful chemical engineer but expressed the need of a mentor to assist her as she continued her climb in the workforce. (more…)

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Joe Jackson on Larry King: This was one of those interviews that gave me so many WTF moments I lost count. Some people just look extra shysty and Joe Jackson and Leonard Rowe (a concert promoter affiliated with M.J.) fit that bill to a Tee. I wouldn’t trust either one of them to hold a piece of paper for me. Why did the viewers e-mailing Larry during the show seem to know more than Joe did? He said “I don’t know” so many times; I was like, really Joe? Of all the people Michael Jackson would have wanted talking about him on Larry King, just how far away from that list would Joe Jackson and Leonard Rowe have been? Just a snippet of the interview below:

When Joe denied beating the kids, I was done. Until he then proceeded to somehow relate the conversation to slavery. How he got there, I don’t know. Still shaking my head over that foolery. And then for his favorite M.J. song: “I like that Earth song. About the animals and all that stuff.” Woww. No words.

Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., was arrested for breaking into his own home. Sadly, this story doesn’t even surprise me. What does make me mad is those people who will make excuses for the police after they arrested Gates even after he showed ID and proved he lived in his home.

Lil Kim singing with Cyndi Lauper at the Nelson Mandela Day live concert event over the weekend. So many questions… Who approved this? Who thinks of Lil’ Kim when they think of Nelson Mandela? Who thought Lil’ Kim should be singing? I’m so confused. So wrong on soo many levels.

Kathy Griffin Getting Kicked Out of the Apollo. I love watching Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D List,” but why she thought it was OK to use inappropriate language during amateur nightat the Apollo with kids in the audience, I don’t know. Watching the audience’s reaction during her time on stage and then watching her literally get played off and kicked out of the building was soo awkward. Leave it to Kathy to get kicked out of the Apollo. SMH.

Why Am I Watching This? So I watched a bit of Terrell Owens’ new show and Wendy Williams talk show this week. Both of them were a bit much for me. Wendy is always too much for me and between her too tight clothes, wigs and general drag queenishness, I just can’t do her. Terrell Owens’ show was also a bit much. Between him being shirtless all the time for no reason, to his two lady friends/publicists, I had to ask, “Why am I watching this?” I’ll probably end up watching it later in the season though whenever nothing else is on and VH1 shows some type of marathon.

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I saw the new As Seen on TV commercial for Michael Jackson lithograph poster sets this week. 

 Now I was watching Comedy Central when I first saw it, so it really did take a minute for me to realize this was a real commercial and not some spoof for one of the network’s show. Not that I didn’t know some commemorative commercials were coming for Michael Jackson – people can’t resist making a buck somehow – but this commercial was a bit much for a few reasons.

First of all the statement: “This elegant portrayal of Michael wearing a white suit as pure as his art…” Really? Then the random people alone in their living rooms that look like mini M.J. shrines. I soo wasn’t ready for this commercial.

And of course, it’s a limited time only! It’s restricted to only 30 print days, so if you don’t order now, this opportunity is gone forever. And the ever-so-necessary order now and we’ll give you a bonus item ploy is included. This brings me back to the memorable Obama plates and coins after he was elected.  

The second commercial also made me laugh. Again, I so wasn’t ready for this:

Who at Baskin Robbins thought of this commercial? This reminds me of Florida and of college. Good times…

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