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I AM America

I AM fried, and laid down on the side

I AM crispy, yet soft

I AM filled with so many calories you won’t need to eat another meal that day

I AM filled with a nice creamy center

I AM a bacon lover

I AM extra cheesy

I AM coming to clog an artery near you

I AM the home of the souls of hormone and antibiotic-filled chickens

I AM so wrong, how can’t I be right?

I AM so good you won’t need a side dish

I AM so special I don’t need bread

I AM a KFC creation

I AM just crazy enough to start a KFC chicken shortage and subsequent riot/protest

I AM an odd follow-up to a supposedly healthy grilled chicken option

I AM only being test-marketed right now (more…)


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I’ve been listening to The Foreign Exchange “Leave It All Behind” album since last winter, and they’re still releasing music videos. The sign of a good album: I’m still excited when they’re released. View The Foreign Exchange’s music video “House of Cards” featuring Muhsinah, which came out today.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Happy 16th KeKe!

kekeI would like to wish a Happy 16th Birthday to Ms. Keke Palmer.

Ever since I watched “Akeelah and the Bee,” I’ve liked her. She’s talented, and brings up a W word rarely used nowadays — she seems wholesome. I just love her. I hope her career only gets better in the future.

KeKe, please don’t get older and start posting naked pics of yourself online, dancing on a pole or showing up in some rap video half-naked as a “video model.” You’re too good for that.

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Cross-posted from my fictional blog: Relax.Relate.Release.


Dear Tyra Journal:

(Because I’m deep like that. I still keep a journal for my innermost thoughts and feelings.)

I’m sooo excited about the 13th season of America’s Next Top Model! People are not ready for this. AT all. Silly critics have been saying the show fell off a long time ago and no one cares anymore, but I’m not going to let their negativity bring me – and ANTM by extension – down. Girls are rioting in the streets to audition for my show! Not many people can say that. So what if most of the girls after Top Models don’t exactly become top models? They get a chance that so many girls only wish they could. They get to spend weeks with ME. Just how many up and coming models can say that? Who else is going to tell them to smile with their eyes and not pose so commercially? Exactly. If for some reason they can’t find success after ANTM, they can model on my talk show. If modeling on the Tyra Banks show isn’t success, I don’t know what is.

And ANTM is about so much more than just modeling. It’s about giving these girls an opportunity to exploit them for TV ratings to grow and become their best selves. About improving the inside and the outside. And who’s there all along the way pushing them for greatness? Mama Tyra.  Continue Reading

This season is all about shedding those outer layers. “Celebrating inner and outer beauty and owning and rocking what you’ve got.” That’s why I stripped all the way down to my beige body suit on the streets of New York to promote the show! You have to rock what you’ve got. Believe me; the girls this season have a lot. We’re breaking down so many barriers this year because all of the models are 5’7” and under. That is GROUNDBREAKING. Because of Ms. Tyra, the modeling industry won’t shut out shorter models any longer. I’m opening that door.

And if all of the above isn’t reason enough for why this season will be the greatest thing ever to air on television, me, Tyra, yes me, am going to say goodbye (well, more like see you in a bit) to my weaves and wigs. Gasp! I know! Me without a wig is like a preacher with no bible, like sun with no sky. But I’m willing to go without those pieces of myself this season because it’s bigger than lace front. So much bigger. It’s about showing your natural self and being proud. Not that I’m not proud of my many wigs and weaves, but I’m proud of whatever is underneath them as well.

So I’m got a few butterflies – I mean who wouldn’t before this type of groundbreaking season – but everything will be OK. We might just discover the next Kate Moss. All because of this 5’7” and under gimmick special season. But most of all, people will tune in, oh yes they will tune in, to see me without the long weaves covering my lovely face. Because I’m fierce with or without a weave. September 8th for the big hair reveal!!!

Love Tyra!

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rrrgravatarGo here to read my new creative writing blog! I’m a bit more serious on What Looks Like Crazy, and Relax.Relate.Release is the perfect ying to WLLC’s yang.

On the new Web site, I’ll be putting a fun spin on current events because reality is relative, and this is the way I see it. (Yes, I played Raphael Saadiq’s latest album to death.)

I’ve only started the creative writing blog, and already it’s been a true Relax.Relate.Release experience. If you don’t know where that saying comes from, please Google Debbie Allen.

I had so much fun creating the site and writing the first few posts. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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My friend linked to this video on Facebook.

Oh CNN. Sigh. Shaking my head. I don’t even want to know how this got on the air. The news day couldn’t have been that slow. It’s so annoying when CNN reports on itself. Like, BREAKING NEWS, some comic just made fun of CNN. Let’s watch the video now! Um, no.

I’m going to need CNN to go back and seriously do some introspection. CNN has made my Do Better series too many times at this point. Like I had to do with BET, I’ll just put a big Do Better stamp on the network so I won’t have to pull out the category all the time.

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genderCaster Semenya, 18, recently won a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Now the International Association of Athletics Federation is calling for tests to verify her gender.

I guess it didn’t matter before she started winning worldwide championships if she was a female or not, but now all of a sudden it’s time to verify!

I really can’t get over this story. I feel some type of way that instead of being known for winning at the Championships, now she’s in the news because of this controversy. Suffice it to say that South Africa is a bit upset about the controversy surrounding its new sports champion.

From BBC World News:

gender1New 800m world champion Caster Semenya has been “humiliated” after being asked to take a gender test, says the head of South Africa’s athletics body.

Leonard Chuene also said she had been treated like a “leper”.

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress earlier urged the country to rally round “our golden girl”.

Her family has also insisted she is female. “I know she’s a woman — I raised her myself,” the 18-year-old’s grandmother said.

Her mother Dorcus Semenya told the Star newspaper that doubts about her daughter’s gender were motivated by “jealousy”.

“If you go at my home village and ask any of my neighbours, they would tell you that Mokgadi [Caster Semenya] is a girl,” she said.

“They know because they helped raise her. People can say whatever they like but the truth will remain, which is that my child is a girl. I am not concerned about such things.”

‘Masculine build’

Mr Chuene, head of Athletics South Africa, said he would continue to defend Semenya.

“I will continue to do anything, even if I am to be kicked out of Berlin, Germany, but I am not going to let that girl be humiliated in the manner that she was humiliated because she has not committed a crime whatsoever,” he said.

“Her crime was to be born the way she is born.”

In a statement, the African National Congress (ANC) condemned the speculation surrounding Ms Semenya, who won gold at the Athletics World Championships in Berlin on Wednesday, leaving her rivals trailing.

“Such comments can only serve to portray women as being weak,” the ANC said.

“Caster is not the only woman athlete with a masculine build and the International Association of Athletics Federation should know better,” the statement said.

In an interview with South Africa’s Times newspaper, her 80-year-old grandmother Maphuthi Sekgala said Ms Semenya had been teased when younger for her boyish looks.

She was also the only girl in the football team in Fairlie, a village in South Africa’s northern Limpopo Province.

“If the teasing hurt her, she kept the hurt to herself and didn’t show what she was feeling,” she said.

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