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rrrgravatarGo here to read my new creative writing blog! I’m a bit more serious on What Looks Like Crazy, and Relax.Relate.Release is the perfect ying to WLLC’s yang.

On the new Web site, I’ll be putting a fun spin on current events because reality is relative, and this is the way I see it. (Yes, I played Raphael Saadiq’s latest album to death.)

I’ve only started the creative writing blog, and already it’s been a true Relax.Relate.Release experience. If you don’t know where that saying comes from, please Google Debbie Allen.

I had so much fun creating the site and writing the first few posts. I hope you enjoy reading them.


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It feels like
Is passin’ me by
Every now and then
It feels like (feels like)
My ship has gone and sailed away
But I
I gonna be strong (gotta be strong)
Gotta hold on
It won’t be too long

I would travel to the seven seas
(I would even go)
I would even go wherever the wind blows me
(I’ll do anything)
I’ll do anything to find my destiny
It’s like fightin’ with gravity
And it’s bringin’ me down
If this world was really round then tell me how
It’s just a moment for you to come around

I’ve been loving K’Jon’s “On The Ocean” for a minute. (Link here to listen if you haven’t heard it before). But it wasn’t until recently that I thought more about the lyrics, and could relate them to my own life. I rarely write about my personal life on WLLC because that wasn’t my goal when I started it up. But I felt like it today.

Right about now, I can see the ocean, but I’m not sure where the ship is or if it’s coming at all. And sometimes I wonder if I already missed it.

Before I graduated college last spring, I usually always knew what was coming next. The ship didn’t look that far into the distance. But then the economy hit crisis mode a few months after I graduated and all of a sudden I was back on the shore looking into the distance for a ship that I wasn’t all that sure would ever come. If only I had graduated earlier, I thought. Or if I had gone to grad school just to be in school. (more…)

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WLLC Update

penWLLC’s going through a transitional phase right now. When I started working an hour away a few weeks ago during a night shift that goes from mid-afternoon to 1 in the morning, I thought I would just work on the blog during the morning and go to work at night. But then the need for this thing called sleep came in, and well, yeah. Then last week I accepted an internship which will take away my early afternoons. But I love my little bloggie (I’m having withdrawal issues from not being able to access it all the time during the week). So, long story short, I’m not able to write as often as I used to when I started WLLC. But I’m not going to take a break or anything — just won’t be as timely with some stories.

And I finally updated my blogroll. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. Check out the new links on the sidebar.


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Although WLLC is not about my daily life, most of the entries are from my POV. And because of this, from time to time, I’ll write about where I’m coming from so readers can better understand some of the content.

Grammar and Spelling. I hate two sei Web sights writen liike this.  I give all my posts a few once-overs before I put them up, but if you ever see a mistake or two, don’t be shy. Leave a comment, and I’ll fix them.

Lurkers. Comments make me :). Although the Web site’s still an infant, it’s gaining steady readership. Leave a comment or two people! (Ironically, I was always a lurker on other blogs before I started WLLC. I’m trying to do better.)

Randomness. WLLC will always be pretty random. I’m a news junkie, but I also love soul music and talking about foolishness. I also love being the editor and not the writer sometimes, so I’ll always bring on guest posts.

Rooting for the underdog. Whenever something/someone becomes extremely popular or explodes in the mainstream, I tend to stray. Sometimes it’s a conscious effort – other times not so much.

So if I complain about artists such as Beyonce, it’s not necessarily because I hate them. Unless they land in the Go Away, People Who Should Not Reproduce category.

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