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I’ve tried to give Texas more than one chance, but I’ve got to get this rant off my chest.

Texas, what’s going on down there? Every time I look up, there’s some foolishness going on. Now, technically, I can’t really talk about crazy southern states because I live in Georgia and went to college in Florida. Plenty of crazy news comes out of both states.

But Texans have been acting a fool this year. And if it was actually possible for the governor to secede the state from the country, I would be in full support. Go ahead and leave.

A few examples of what led to this rant:

The story about disabled people being abused and forced to fight each other. Taking place where? Yup, Texas.

Facing outrage and demands for reform, the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services says it is beefing up security and surveillance in the wake of reports of organized, after-hours fights among disabled residents at a state-run facility.

The head of the agency, Commissioner Addie Horn, broke into tears as lawmakers grilled her about the alleged abuse at a state facility in Corpus Christi, where police say caretakers appeared to have organized a “fight club” in which mentally and developmentally disabled residents were encouraged to fight each other for the staff’s entertainment. NPR.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around that story. I can’t believe people would do that. But then again, some people enjoy organizing bum fights, so I don’t know why I’m shocked by this.

Then, there’s the KKK.

Community leaders are vowing to fight against a wave of racially-sensitive attacks and confrontations having taken place over recent months in North Texas. Such actions include the discovery of fliers distributed by the Ku Klux Klan allegedly to recruit new members near the town of Forney. Pegasus News

Just reason 674,469 why I never want to visit Texas. You would think those in charge of the KKK would be trying to get new membership through Twitter or Facebook. But I see they’re still kicking their hatred old-school with pamphlets.   (more…)


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There are so many horrible crime stories in the news that it’s easy to become desensitized sometimes. But a recent story about an Atlanta woman who killed an entire family in a hit and run – and then tried to cover it up – is shocking.


John Spink/jspink@ajc.com Aimee Michael listens to her lawyer, Scott Smith, after her arrest on Thursday.

John Spink/jspink@ajc.com Aimee Michael listens to her lawyer, Scott Smith, after her arrest on Thursday.

 The Michael family seemed like the type of people you would leave your child with, not the type who would cause and then cover up a crash with fatalities, south Fulton County neighbors said Thursday.

Aimee Allistaire Michael, 22, is charged with five counts of vehicular homicide in an April 12 accident and is in the Fulton County Jail without bond. Police say she caused a chain-reaction crash on Easter Sunday, killing five people. She then covered up the crash and hid from police, investigators said.

 Michael was arrested early Thursday after an anonymous neighbor spotted the suspect vehicle at the Michael home on Ailey Avenue in south Fulton County. AJC 

This woman ran away from the scene after killing five people on Easter Sunday. I can understand being in shock, and not knowing what to do. But then to go on home like everything is OK? The pictures of the family killed were on the news for more than a week. (more…)

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