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My friend linked to this video on Facebook.

Oh CNN. Sigh. Shaking my head. I don’t even want to know how this got on the air. The news day couldn’t have been that slow. It’s so annoying when CNN reports on itself. Like, BREAKING NEWS, some comic just made fun of CNN. Let’s watch the video now! Um, no.

I’m going to need CNN to go back and seriously do some introspection. CNN has made my Do Better series too many times at this point. Like I had to do with BET, I’ll just put a big Do Better stamp on the network so I won’t have to pull out the category all the time.


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I don’t know what’s going on with CNN lately, but for the following two stories alone, the network gets a big fail, boo, and Do Better.

First, we have an update with Michael Jackson’s former chimp, Bubbles on Anderson Cooper’s AC360 show.


Yes, this was a real “news” story on AC360. Boo CNN. So this is what ya’ll are coming up with to keep talking about Michael Jackson when you don’t have anything new to report? Click here for the video. Here’s a snippet from the print version of the story:

The public might not recognize Bubbles. He’s aged since his moonwalking days. But he is alive and well, feasting on cucumbers and bananas at the sanctuary, where the care for each animal costs about $17,000. Bubbles might be out of the public eye, but Ragan doesn’t want his fans to forget him.

“Probably the best tribute that we could pay to Michael Jackson here is to just take excellent care of Bubbles, because I know he loved Bubbles.” CNN

How did this get onto the news station? Hollywood Access or Entertainment Tonight might have even taken a pass on this one. Do Better CNN.

Next, we have a story that’s part of the upcoming Black in America Series Pt. 2. Click here to read more. One of my fellow journalist friends forwarded this one along. It’s about black women choosing to adopt because hey, black women have no choice but to be alone or find some ne’er-do-well to shack up with and have a whole bunch of babies by. Why not just avoid all that and adopt? Yes, that’s pretty much a wrap up of the story. Here are a few priceless gems:

Kaydra Fleming, a 37-year-old social worker in Arlington, Texas, is the mother of Zoey, an adopted eight-month-old girl whose biological mother was young and poor.

“Zoey was going to be born to a single black mother anyway,” Fleming says. “At least she’s being raised by a single black parent who was ready financially and emotionally to take care of her.”

Yet there are some single African-American women who are not emotionally ready to adopt an African-American child who is too dark, some adoption agency officials say.

Fair-skinned or biracial children stand a better chance of being adopted by single black women than darker-skinned children, some adoption officials say.

“They’ll say, ‘I want a baby to look like a Snickers bar, not dark chocolate,’ ” Caldwell, founder of Lifetime Adoption, says about some prospective parents.

“I had a family who turned a baby down because it was too dark,” she says. “They said the baby wouldn’t look good in family photographs.”

NOT emotionally ready to have a dark child?!! Sooo rearing a child with a darker skin tone takes more of an emotional toll? Shaking my head at this story on that alone. But then I read the Snickers bar comment. Aww lawd again. (more…)

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In the wake of the death of megastar Michael Jackson, some have tried to take this opportunity to be self-promoting. It might be hard to believe but some taking advantage are some of Michael’s close friends, advisers and his father, Joe Jackson.
The Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have converged on the Jackson family since the sudden death last Thursday of the King of Pop, acting as semi-spokesmen and advisers. There has been no public mention of what Jackson and Sharpton hope to do for the Jackson family.

During a press conference Monday with Joe Jackson, Al Sharpton detailed his plan to lead a full-day memorial at Harlem’s Apollo Theater the next day. A interesting side note from that press conference was when Katherine Jackson left the scene just as Sharpton was arriving. A lawyer for the Jackson’s did not respond to inquires asking whether either Reverend is operating with the full faith of the Jackson clan. KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO

People mourn in different ways. Some have issues mourning at all. But the tomfoolery that has come from Joe Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the days following Michael Jackson’s death is just all kinds of wrong. I tried to let it pass, but ultimately had to comment.

Especially after seeing this:


 Al Sharpton dancing on stage with a fan at a memorial for M.J. last night at the Apollo Theater. I can’t. I won’t. I can only say four words: Please go sat down. I don’t even curse, but all types of thoughts came to mind when I saw this image.

Jesse Jackson has been in the news in the past few days more than some of the newscasters. Who made YOU the Jackson family spokesperson? Go sat down. (more…)

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Why Lord? Why? And I saw this mess after watching the BET awards. Straight foolishness. A piece of my soul died after watching BET for 3 1/2 hours last night. The other half wept at this video. Who thought this was OK?  Child, boo. Extra boo on you for doing that to yourself.

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I haven’t written a Do Better post in a minute. But this story was just crying out to make it into the series. 

MIAMI (Reuters) – A fight broke out on a Florida bus when news of Michael Jackson’s death sparked debate over whether he should be remembered as a great musical talent, and one passenger was charged with assault, police said on Friday.

The bus was moving through the city of North Lauderdale on Thursday when passenger James Kiernan received a text message about Jackson’s death on his cell phone, and he read it aloud on the bus, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department said.

The unidentified bus driver opined that “Michael Jackson should have been in jail long ago,” prompting Kiernan, 60, to retort that “the world just lost a great musical talent,” the police report said.

It said the last remark enraged another passenger, Henry Wideman, who started a swearing match with Kiernan, then pulled out a knife and chased Kiernan down the aisle with it.

The driver called his dispatcher and pulled over near a convenience store to wait for sheriff’s deputies, who arrested Wideman, 54. He remained in jail on Friday on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

I just have to shake my head from the beginning to end of this story. First of all, this would be foolery regardless of age, but why are 50 year olds and 60 year olds brawling over M.J.’s death? I can’t accept this mess. At first reaction, I wanted to laugh at the ridiculessness of this, but I can’t. It’s been said that with age comes wisdom. Well, that’s clearly not the case here. Miami/Lauderdale folks – please get your people. Yes, your people. Go on ahead and claim ’em.

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South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, just back from a secret trip to Argentina unknown to his staff or his wife, admitted Wednesday he has carried on an extramarital affair with a woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“I’ve been unfaithful to my wife,” Sanford told a news conference in Columbia, South Carolina. “I developed a relationship with what started as a dear, dear friend from Argentina.”

His voice choking at times, Sanford apologized to his wife and four sons, his staff and supporters, and said he would resign immediately as head of the Republican Governors Association.

The affair began in the last year and was discovered five months ago, Sanford said without elaborating. He added that he and his wife were trying to work through it. In a statement issued later Wednesday, Sanford’s wife, Jenny, said she asked him to move out two weeks earlier but was still open to reconciliation for the benefit of their children. CNN

Jenny is a wayyy more understanding woman than I would have been.

He told reporters he spent “the last five days of my life crying in Argentina” and the affair is now over. Sanford, a rumored 2012 presidential candidate, refused to say whether he’ll leave office. Huffington Post

I don’t know about the whole crying for five days statement. I doubt he really went all the way down to Argentina for a good cry. He could have called the other woman long distance for that.

After all the hoopla about the missing governor when he just up and disappeared without telling his staff or family, I can’t believe he was just out creepin’. And in a foreign country at that! He didn’t have time to come up with some type of alibi or something?

Is it wrong that parts of this story made me laugh when I first saw it break on the news? What can I say – I’m easily amused. Not because he cheated on his wife, but because he had people worried about him and now he’s brought all this spotlight on his personal fidelity issues that could have remained a private family matter.

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This mess right here just may make it onto my list of the top foolery moments of ’09. A Jonas Brothers’ song about robbing a bank. With Common on it. Yes, that Common. Give a listen for yourself:

If I could take the Jonas Brothers off, it might have been OK. Why was I actually rocking along about three minutes in? If it was Linkin Park or even The Fray, I’d be OK. (Sidenote: Give a listen to “New Divide” if you haven’t heard it yet.) But umm, yeah, it’s the Jonas Brothers. From the infamous Stevie Wonder Grammys pairing debacle that I will never forget nor forgive. So I can’t approve. I would put Common on the You’re Too Good for This list, but he’s made a lot of questionable actions after “Be.” Like that whole “Universal Mind Control” album. So sadly, this isn’t all that surprising.

“There’s a song we wrote recently and we were thinking… it does sound different and kind of strange, and [we’d like to work with] a rapper who has some real meaningful lyrics,” Nick Jonas told MTV. “[Someone who] has some real depth to what he’s saying — someone like a Common or a Lupe Fiasco or a Mos Def. Someone who takes more of a spoken-word approach. That’d be really cool.” Exclaim News

I’m just glad that Lupe and Mos didn’t take it. After news of that whole Soulja Boy/Lupe pairing, I don’t think my heart could take anything else.

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