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I love Outkast, but on an individual level, I’ve always been more partial to Andre 3000. I just luv him so much. Speaking of which, just where is this new music you’re supposed to be coming out with Dre?!! But, anyway, “For Your Sorrows,” a new song Big Boi has featuring George Clinton and Too Short pulled me in after I first heard it today. “For Your Sorrows” is something different, and I like it. Give it a listen:

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Here’s Melanie Fiona’s new music video “It Kills Me.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m a big fan of Ms. Fiona because I like her sound, and she has talent. Her debut album, “The Bridge” has already been released internationally, but its U.S. release has been pushed back yet again to November.

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I was watching the interview above with female rapper Nicki Minaj for Honey Magazine – one of my fellow J school alumnae edited the video by the way (random shout out over) – and I noticed that Ms. Nicki looked different somehow. I haven’t heard her music, but I’ve seen pictures of her looking like this on various Web sites:

Um, yeah, so my first reaction was that she looked a little ho-ish to say the least. I didn’t really want to know what she was rapping about.

So when I checked out the photos and video interview with Honey, I thought, is that the same girl? She looks so different.


But then I realized she looked prettier. Just sitting there in the video wearing a black hoodie and her hair up in a pony she looked so much better to me than when she was all spread out in that other picture. So lesson of the day for those young women who think that in order to look sexy or attractive women have to wear fewer clothes – you really don’t.

I’m sure some of the guys will disagree with me on this one. What’s your view? Do you think she looks better toned down?

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I’m easily amused, and I always love a good spoof, so I had to share this. View this spoof of “Run This Town” below, which is actually more entertaining than the real music video.

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I didn’t feel much like writing today, so instead I’ll just link to some interesting articles I came across today and would like to share.

As if Caster Semenya hadn’t already been through enough: “Athlete Caster Semenya has pulled out of her return to competitive sport amid growing fears over the psychological impact of rumours about her sex. The 18-year-old withdrew from a cross-country race in South Africa tomorrow after it was widely reported that a leaked sex test reveals she is a hermaphrodite. Her coach, Michael Seme, said she will not run because she is “not feeling well”. After dominating her race at the world championships in Berlin last month, Semenya underwent blood and chromosome tests, as well as a gynaecological examination. The IAAF has said Semenya probably would keep her gold medal because the case was not related to a doping matter. But it is less clear whether she would be allowed to compete again.” From The Guardian

And apparently Semenya isn’t the first athlete to have to deal with this type of ordeal. Click here to read Santhi Soundarajan’s story, an Indian athlete who was stripped of her medal in the 2006 Asian Games after failing a gender test. She attempted suicide after her ordeal. Soundarajan tells her own story, and also talks about Semenya.

Marc Lamont Hill writes about Maia Campbell’s story at Essence.com. Go here to read his commentary: “A Look At Our Indifference to Black Women’s Mental Health.”

Gertrude Baines, the world’s oldest person died Friday at age 115. “In her final years, she passed her days watching her favorite TV program, ‘The Jerry Springer Show,’ and consuming her favorite foods: bacon, fried chicken and ice cream.” And all this time I thought those things would shorten one’s lifespan. Who knew? Go here to read her story.

And in music news, Q-Tip’s album “Kamaal the Abstract,” which was shelved back in 2001 is finally being officially released this coming Tuesday. I can’t even listen to his last album, “The Renaissance,”  anymore — that’s how much I played it — so I’m excited. Go here to listen to him speak on the album.

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I haven’t talked about Whitney Houston’s comeback on WLLC yet. I’m still feeling pretty meh about her new singles, but overall I won’t get down on Whitney because when you look at where she came from to get to this point, any type of a comeback is still pretty remarkable. So I held back, just keeping my opinion to myself. Besides, she looks great! Just see her on the cover of Ebony below:

I didn’t want to knock her new stuff just because I remember the Whitney I loved in the ’90s. But what I must comment on is Whitney’s new cover of Donny Hathaway’s classic, “A Song For You.” His version is one of my favorite songs EVER . So imagine my reaction when I heard Whitney’s new remake of it:

This is one of the few songs that does not need to be remade with a dance track. I don’t want to jook to “A Song For You.” This is akin to T-Pain singing another one of my faves, “They Won’t Go When I Go,” by Stevie Wonder and adding a Lil-Wayne verse. Just wrong.

So, Whitney, I’m glad you’re back. And I’m glad you’re looking great. But please take this song back from where it sprung.  If possible, just replace it with the version of you singing it back in the day sans the remix.

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