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I’m easily amused, and I always love a good spoof, so I had to share this. View this spoof of “Run This Town” below, which is actually more entertaining than the real music video.


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And the epitome of randomness ensued. I love Kathy Griffin, but this interview with Levi Johnston was so random and awkward. And I’m not really sure Levi was in on the joke… Skip to around the 7:50 mark to begin the moment when we realize that alas, Levi might not be able to read. I began watching the show last night around this time, and was like, “Levi can’t read?!!!” LOL. (The handwriting was bad in the letter.) Who approved this interview CNN? But even with all the awkwardness and randomness of life in this interview, it still can’t compare to my favorite Larry King interview so far this year. The one with Joe Jackson. Nothing else can really compare.

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Saw this spoof on Soulbounce. So, why was this spoof a million times better than the actual music video Drake put out for “Best I Ever Had?” As someone who still doesn’t understand all of the Drake hype, I was amused…

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*Jul 07 - 00:05*Holds head down in shame. Either TV has gotten so bad that I’ve lowered my standards, or boughettoness and gross materialism have grown to amuse me. I’m gonna stick to the former. I used to be such a TV snob…. And here I am watching Housewives of Atlanta and enjoying it. Laughing. Waiting for the fights… Next thing I know I’ll be watching Tiny and Toya and actually comprehending what they’re saying.

Lawd, take me now!

When Flavor of Lovepremiered while I was college, I refused to partake in the coonery. I will not be watching that mess, I told my friends. Stop telling me how entertaining it is! That ignorance will ooze out of the screen and jump into my soul.

I had the same reaction the first time I saw an episode of Housewives of Atlantaduring its first season. Why are these women representing housewives? Or Atlanta? Or black women? Sigh. I hate materialistic people and people who put on airs. This show was so full of that I could barely ingest more than 10 minutes of it. NeNe was way too much for me, besides me getting past the fact that this grown woman couldn’t go by a real name. I hated all of them.

But I’m a sucker for a good marathon. I started watching a HWOA marathon on a weekend with nothing to do, and the next thing I knew I was hooked. I didn’t necessarily like any of the women more than before, but nonetheless, I was a viewer.

Fast forward to this week, and the premiere of the second season. A few observations: (more…)

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I saw the new As Seen on TV commercial for Michael Jackson lithograph poster sets this week. 

 Now I was watching Comedy Central when I first saw it, so it really did take a minute for me to realize this was a real commercial and not some spoof for one of the network’s show. Not that I didn’t know some commemorative commercials were coming for Michael Jackson – people can’t resist making a buck somehow – but this commercial was a bit much for a few reasons.

First of all the statement: “This elegant portrayal of Michael wearing a white suit as pure as his art…” Really? Then the random people alone in their living rooms that look like mini M.J. shrines. I soo wasn’t ready for this commercial.

And of course, it’s a limited time only! It’s restricted to only 30 print days, so if you don’t order now, this opportunity is gone forever. And the ever-so-necessary order now and we’ll give you a bonus item ploy is included. This brings me back to the memorable Obama plates and coins after he was elected.  

The second commercial also made me laugh. Again, I so wasn’t ready for this:

Who at Baskin Robbins thought of this commercial? This reminds me of Florida and of college. Good times…

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In the wake of the death of megastar Michael Jackson, some have tried to take this opportunity to be self-promoting. It might be hard to believe but some taking advantage are some of Michael’s close friends, advisers and his father, Joe Jackson.
The Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have converged on the Jackson family since the sudden death last Thursday of the King of Pop, acting as semi-spokesmen and advisers. There has been no public mention of what Jackson and Sharpton hope to do for the Jackson family.

During a press conference Monday with Joe Jackson, Al Sharpton detailed his plan to lead a full-day memorial at Harlem’s Apollo Theater the next day. A interesting side note from that press conference was when Katherine Jackson left the scene just as Sharpton was arriving. A lawyer for the Jackson’s did not respond to inquires asking whether either Reverend is operating with the full faith of the Jackson clan. KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO

People mourn in different ways. Some have issues mourning at all. But the tomfoolery that has come from Joe Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the days following Michael Jackson’s death is just all kinds of wrong. I tried to let it pass, but ultimately had to comment.

Especially after seeing this:


 Al Sharpton dancing on stage with a fan at a memorial for M.J. last night at the Apollo Theater. I can’t. I won’t. I can only say four words: Please go sat down. I don’t even curse, but all types of thoughts came to mind when I saw this image.

Jesse Jackson has been in the news in the past few days more than some of the newscasters. Who made YOU the Jackson family spokesperson? Go sat down. (more…)

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Why Lord? Why? And I saw this mess after watching the BET awards. Straight foolishness. A piece of my soul died after watching BET for 3 1/2 hours last night. The other half wept at this video. Who thought this was OK?  Child, boo. Extra boo on you for doing that to yourself.

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