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In the wake of the death of megastar Michael Jackson, some have tried to take this opportunity to be self-promoting. It might be hard to believe but some taking advantage are some of Michael’s close friends, advisers and his father, Joe Jackson.
The Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have converged on the Jackson family since the sudden death last Thursday of the King of Pop, acting as semi-spokesmen and advisers. There has been no public mention of what Jackson and Sharpton hope to do for the Jackson family.

During a press conference Monday with Joe Jackson, Al Sharpton detailed his plan to lead a full-day memorial at Harlem’s Apollo Theater the next day. A interesting side note from that press conference was when Katherine Jackson left the scene just as Sharpton was arriving. A lawyer for the Jackson’s did not respond to inquires asking whether either Reverend is operating with the full faith of the Jackson clan. KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO

People mourn in different ways. Some have issues mourning at all. But the tomfoolery that has come from Joe Jackson, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the days following Michael Jackson’s death is just all kinds of wrong. I tried to let it pass, but ultimately had to comment.

Especially after seeing this:


 Al Sharpton dancing on stage with a fan at a memorial for M.J. last night at the Apollo Theater. I can’t. I won’t. I can only say four words: Please go sat down. I don’t even curse, but all types of thoughts came to mind when I saw this image.

Jesse Jackson has been in the news in the past few days more than some of the newscasters. Who made YOU the Jackson family spokesperson? Go sat down. (more…)

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The UK recently published the list of individuals banned from the country because they demonstrate behavior that the country’s leaders don’t find acceptable.

If I could create my own ban list, it would be of the people/topics that I am sick of seeing in the media. Even if it was just for a month, they couldn’t go on TV, update their Web sites, go walking down the street looking for paparazzi, release movies, or make new music.  

My May 2009 Ban List:

Leaked risqué pictures: From Rihanna, to Cassie to Miss California and whoever is coming up next.

<– The ENTIRE Palin family. That includes the baby, and any future additions to the family. They’re like one long day-time talk show segment that won’t go off.

Dick Cheney. You weren’t this outspoken during the eight years you were actually in power. Go away.

Unnecessary pundits on cable news. Can’t ya’ll just do it old school and tell what’s in the news?

<– Elizabeth Edwards: I know she’s pubbing her new book and everyone loves a good look inside a cheating politician story, but why did she have to bring this story back to the forefront?

Miss California. OMG, I am so sick of hearing about her tit for tat with Perez Hilton and her leaked pictures. (more…)

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He’s made more than 155 guest appearances and more than 20 Billboard Hot 100 songs. He’s been nominated for four Grammy awards.

His name is Akon, and he’s a marginally talented “singer” who wails badly on songs and somehow keeps making hits.

Like Soulja Boy, Akon is another artist I’ve been waiting to go away for a while. But he just won’t go.

Akon – similar to T-Pain – is a “singer” that other artists keep asking to join them on songs because it will increase their chances of getting a hit.

What confuses me the most is that no matter how horrible his stuff sounds, Akon pretty much always makes the charts.

The infiltration of artists like Akon, T-Pain and Soulja Boy into mainstream music is the reason I can barely listen to the radio today.

But the most disturbing aspect of Akon’s fame is his ability to garner collaborations with people a gazillion times more talented than him. Acclaimed artists who are already famous but they end up working with Akon because they (or record executives) want another hit.

The List of Shame: (more…)

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Ed Note: I included an inanimate object in the series because this device has enabled many artists with little or no talent to make hits.

From This May Concern You:

Dear T-Pain’s Vocoder:

If I could pry you away from your owner’s grasp I would stomp you out the way those LA cops did Rodney King in 1991. Yes, I’d tape it with my camera phone and post it on YouTube for the whole world to see that I slayed America’s favorite most annoying music device.

This is not a joke. I have a sincere hatred for you. I know it’s not good to hate people. But you’re clearly an inanimate object. So my disdain is warranted.

If Teddy had a vocoder in his right hand and Predator-like dreads we could easily mistake him for T-Pain. Actually, I'd rather hear him, Teddy Ruxpin, sing than T-Pain.

If Teddy Ruxpin had a vocoder in his right hand and Predator-like dreads we could easily mistake him for T-Pain. Actually, I’d rather hear him, Ruxpin, singing.

Why do I abhor you so? Because your owner has used you to build his career although he only has one-sixteenth of the vocal ability of one William Hung. OK, I’ll admit it: Teddy “Ruxpin” Pain can hold a note. But he also sings out of tune quite often, which is why he crutches on to aid of Auto-Tune non-stop.

I understand it’s not your fault. Still, I have a question or two that I know you can’t answer: Why did you allow him to record “In Love Wit a Stripper” through you? Why didn’t you malfunction when you first heard him phrasing together the lyrics?

Oh, that’s right. You weren’t warned. He doesn’t write (and neither do I … sure). He just aimlessly freestyles. And you allow him to perpetuate that garbage?

Don’t get me wrong. Some of his garbage smells like filet mignon — all thanks to your ability to enhance a voice that should otherwise be nowhere near a mic. Take “Buy U A Drank” or “Bartender.” They’re catchy tunes that were cool to groove to a few years back. There’s a reason people want him on their singles. They want the popular sound. That still doesn’t mean what Teddy Pain spits is a fine steak dinner. No, it’s more like a Hardee’s Thick Burger or Chipotle burrito. They taste good, but also cause irreparable damage to your life — best known as “The Itis” — for a period lasting up to 24 hours.

Still, biter after biter has grabbed a hold of one of your voice-altering cousins. Kanye West, Jamie Foxx and Britney Spears have taken this route. Kanye is one of the best rappers in the game. Foxx’s vocals are impeccable at times. Britney is …… she just is. But even stars that big have succumbed to you because you’re the “it” thing. (more…)

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For some reason, Soulja Boy’s current song, “Turn My Swag On,” doesn’t bother me too much. Which isn’t saying a lot for the song – it’s more a shining light on how horrible hip-hop is right now. As I watched him sit on piles of money in the music video when I saw it for the first time, I thought, some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have money.

He describes people who don’t like his music as the haters. Well I’ll be that then.

He also asks, “Why they hatin’ on me?” As one of the “theys,” I’ll give my reasons.

He should have been a one hit wonder. All the factors were there:

A. Little to no talent. (Is he even a rapper? Or merely a person who talks/yells/sings over beats?)

B. An initial hit song that came out of nowhere.

The combo of A and B should have led to a one hit wonder. But alas, he’s still here. After his original hit, “Crank That,” in 2007, I just ignored him, and hoped he would go away. I assumed he’d be gone before I had the time to get annoyed by his presence in hip-hop.

But somehow, he stayed. And he continued to churn out songs like “YAHH,” with very few words that have more than two syllables. It’s evident that he didn’t graduate from high school. (more…)

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When I initially started WLLC, I knew I would eventually write an entry about how much Plies bothers me. Literally disturbs me. I have never made it through an entire Plies video. But after stopping by What About Our Daughters, where Gina is up in arms about a new Plies-created reality show called “Goonette,” I decided there was no point in waiting. Might as well get him out of the way while I’m thinking about it.

One of the main reasons I dislike him is because he always looks dirty. Like he hasn’t showered or brushed his teeth in a while, and if I watch too many of his videos I may catch something through the screen.

The second reason is that this fool went to a college (University of South Florida) before he started rapping. From his repulsive lyrics, as I mentioned in a previous post, I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint his level of education beyond about fourth grade.

But the biggest reason Plies is on my Go Away, People Who Shouldn’t Reproduce list is because he takes pleasure in making songs out of degrading nicknames for women. I don’t know if he even knows how to call a woman by her real name, or if he just uses phrases like Shawty, Bust it Baby and Goonette until he tires of those and creates new ones.

One of the reasons I was appalled at “Flavor of Love” when it came out was because Flavor Flav couldn’t bother to remember the girls’ names, and therefore decided to rename them himself. That is so degrading – reminiscent of slavery times when the slaves were given new European names. (more…)

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