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Update: You can read my review of the documentary for Clutch magazine here.

“Bronx Princess” is a new documentary on PBS following the life of a young teen, Rocky Otoo. Below is a synopsis of the documentary and a short preview. You can watch the entire film online here until October 23rd.

Rocky Otoo is the Bronx-bred teenage daughter of Ghanaian parents, and she’s no pushover. She is a sassy high-achiever bound for college. With freedom in sight, Rocky rebels against her mother’s rules. When their relationship reaches a breaking point, Rocky flees to her father, a chief in Ghana. What follows is captured in Bronx Princess, a tumultuous coming-of-age story set in a homeland both familiar and strange. Her precocious — and very American — ideas of a successful, independent life conflict with her father’s traditional African values. Reconciling her dual legacies becomes an unexpected chapter in this unforgettable young woman’s education.


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While in the Congo this week, this moment – instead of her speaking on the sexual violence in the country – has pushed U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton back into the spotlight:

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Watching the news recently has made me think about the mainstream American news coverage of the protests in Iran following the nation’s recent election fallout. What if the exact same events occurring in Iran were happening somewhere else? Somewhere that most Americans couldn’t identify on a map (yes, I know this could be a lot of places) or that had no important ties/conflicts with America? If the United States wasn’t trying to deter President Ahmadinejad from developing nuclear weapons, would the atrocities going on inside Iran even make it past page 7 on the international page, let alone be all over the front page and on TV?

On Sunday, political pundit and conservative radio talk show host Bill Bennett criticized President Obama’s reaction to the events in Iran. Here’s an excerpt of what Bennett had to say:

After more than a week of political protests on the streets of Tehran and repeated criticism of the White House by Republicans on Capitol Hill, a leading conservative voice is also criticizing President Barack Obama’s response to the political upheaval in Iran.

Bennett said: “This is very disappointing, as far as I’m concerned. This was the president to whom the whole world was looking. . . . This is a president about hope, he’s about the future. This is a guy who was a community organizer. He missed it. He missed the opportunity.”

“We are last best hope on Earth,” Bennett also said. “He is the President of the United States. If he will not side with these young people against a religious autocracy that is beating the hell out of people, what is the point of being the moral leader of the free world?” CNN (more…)

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 Traditional prints vamped up with stiletto heels and shoulder pads define the inaugural pan-African fashion week where designers from 20 countries are eyeing growth despite the global slowdown.

The recession has dulled demand for haute couture from Paris to Tokyo, but African economies are faring better than many in the West and designers hope the energy of a young fashion industry and this week’s new platform will help lure buyers.

While South Africa already hosts several events for local designers, this is the first pan-African fashion week, and is aimed at highlighting the continent’s creative energy by bringing 50 designers from across Africa under one roof. Reuters

Because there’s more going on in the continent of Africa than AIDS, hungry kids with flies and clay huts, here are some pics from Africa’s first Fashion Week hosted in South Africa. The inaugural event wrapped this weekend. Enjoy.

Slide show from BBC World News:

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