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I’ve been listening to The Foreign Exchange “Leave It All Behind” album since last winter, and they’re still releasing music videos. The sign of a good album: I’m still excited when they’re released. View The Foreign Exchange’s music video “House of Cards” featuring Muhsinah, which came out today.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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My friend linked to this video on Facebook.

Oh CNN. Sigh. Shaking my head. I don’t even want to know how this got on the air. The news day couldn’t have been that slow. It’s so annoying when CNN reports on itself. Like, BREAKING NEWS, some comic just made fun of CNN. Let’s watch the video now! Um, no.

I’m going to need CNN to go back and seriously do some introspection. CNN has made my Do Better series too many times at this point. Like I had to do with BET, I’ll just put a big Do Better stamp on the network so I won’t have to pull out the category all the time.

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While in the Congo this week, this moment – instead of her speaking on the sexual violence in the country – has pushed U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton back into the spotlight:

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And the epitome of randomness ensued. I love Kathy Griffin, but this interview with Levi Johnston was so random and awkward. And I’m not really sure Levi was in on the joke… Skip to around the 7:50 mark to begin the moment when we realize that alas, Levi might not be able to read. I began watching the show last night around this time, and was like, “Levi can’t read?!!!” LOL. (The handwriting was bad in the letter.) Who approved this interview CNN? But even with all the awkwardness and randomness of life in this interview, it still can’t compare to my favorite Larry King interview so far this year. The one with Joe Jackson. Nothing else can really compare.

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In the week since the House began its break, several town hall-style meetings have been disrupted by demonstrators. These episodes have drawn widespread media attention, and Republicans have seized on them as well as polls showing a decline in support for Obama and his agenda as evidence that public support is lacking for his signature legislation. St. Louis Post Dispatch

When I read about the town hall meetings across the country getting out of hand last week, my first reaction was whealth-care-meetinghat’s going on? Why are people coming out of a Tampa health care town hall meeting looking like they just left an unruly club “let out” where the police had to be called to the scene? —>

Adults can’t sit down and act civilized to actually discuss an issue anymore?

An overflow crowd outside of a forum on aging in St. Louis led to confrontations and arrests. Link here.

On Friday, a Democratic lawmaker from Washington received a faxed death threat a day after he described angry town hall demonstrators as “a lynch mob.” Rep. Brian Baird of Washington, who supports President Barack Obama’s push to overhaul the health care system, said that he also received threatening phone calls. He canceled the rest of the town halls he’d scheduled during Congress’ August recess.

A few Democratic congressional offices also have received threats connected to the health care debate. The U.S. Capitol Police has advised all of them to cancel their town halls.

“President Obama underestimated the free-fall the nation had already taken in partisan hostility when he talked about bringing change to Washington,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., who supports reform. “It has gotten worse. There is something at play here that is indescribable.” Miami Herald

How did this issue get so volatile so quickly? And why are the protesters sooo angry? They just want to be angry, I thought. Just like the Tea Party protests, it’s more than just health care – they’re just angry at the administration and want people to know they’re mad as hell and aren’t taking this mess anymore! (more…)

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The commercial below was shown over and over again during CNN’s BIA2:

Puh-leaze. The United States is not even one of the best countries for health care. If some Canadians do want to go somewhere else for better treatment, the U.S. is not the better option. (See World Health Report).

“..Patients are denied care because government says they aren’t worth it,” PUN says in the ad. Well, in the United States, people are denied coverage if they have certain pre-existing conditions because insurance companies running off profit say they’re not worth it. I see that’s not in the ad…

 As one of the millions of uninsured Americans who had to save for months to afford to go to two doctor’s visits, I’d gladly trade with someone who lives in Canada. A giant Boo to Patients United Now for this ad.

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I wasn’t sure how far into BIA 2 I would get after my reaction to last year’s program. So I let my friend and fellow journalist – she’s in broadcast – take the reign to review the program. Here are her thoughts on the first installment of the documentary:

By: Ahnomaly

Black_in_America(2)Black in America 2 haunted me in my sleep each night after I saw the first promos months ago. I rolled my eyes at every CNN commercial. I tossed and I turned in my sleep remembering the emotions that were evoked from last year’s special.

That year instead of revealing what it really was like to be black, CNN regurgitated unflattering all too familiar images of Blacks.

The reminder of the horribly produced series hit me each time I saw a commercial break with Soledad O’Brien’s name sitting in the lower part of the T.V. screen.

“Oh gosh, CNN’s Black in America is close… I’m scared,” I wrote on Twitter.

I knew another dose of fictitious Black images were awaiting millions of Americans and myself, coated heavily in sensationalism. But tonight, an unfamiliar feeling arose.

This year’s BIA2 was like an abandoned building. It was gutted and restored images of Blacks once forgotten or unknown. Perhaps all of the producers were fired or maybe they all had a stern talking to. Whatever the case it was better.

I met Glorious, a young black woman who overcame obstacles to make it to college, and I also met a wonderful man named Steve Perry, who developed a prep school called Capital Prep to prepare these children. Did I mention 100 percent of Capital Prep students graduate and attend a four-year university? Impressive.

BIA 2 gave us a glimpse into a black reflection that many blacks have never seen on screen. It guided us into the world of privileged blacks, a group rarely seen in media – let alone talked about.

I met a young woman who, most importantly, I could relate to. She was a college graduate and successful chemical engineer but expressed the need of a mentor to assist her as she continued her climb in the workforce. (more…)

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