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Stacey Cleaves
Stacey Cleaves
Camilla Fields
Camilla Fields

All I can do is shake my head at this story:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Police have now charged the mother of the 2 month old thrown during last week’s shocking shoplifting incident at Wal-Mart in Raleigh. They believe the young mom may have allowed her baby to be used as cover-up to steal.

“It’s just tragic that the world has come to this,” said Archie Vest.

26-year old Stacey Cleaves first told police the woman who threw her child at a store loss prevention officer last Wednesday was the child’s aunt. But police have since learned Cleaves is actually a friend of the shoplifting suspect, 26 year old Camilla Fields.

“That’s not a mother. She doesn’t need a child,” said Tawaina Scaife.

Police say the baby boy was strapped inside the car seat Fields hurled at the Wal-Mart employee when confronted about shoplifting. Fields ran off as the baby hit the floor.

According to police, a good Samaritan picked up the baby boy and revived him after the fall left him unconscious.

Fields eventually turned herself into police the next day. She’s facing charges of child abuse, neglect and assault. The baby’s mother is accused of “filing a false police report” for lying about Fields identity. Fox 13

So Fields just used the child as a weapon and then ran off and left? I don’t even know what would have to go through a person’s mind to think that would be OK. Of all the things in a Wal Mart she could have used and she picked up her friend’s two year old. And what type of mother would allow her baby to be used as a shoplifting cover up in the first place?

I would label Cleaves as Worst Parent of the Year for putting her child in this situation, but sadly, I bet someone else will take the title by the end of ’09. So she’s just Worst Parent of the Month for now. And if Fields doesn’t already have kids, she should be sterilized immediately.


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When the woman in Florida called 911 three times over some McDonald’s nuggets in March, I chalked that up to an isolated incident. I mean if you look at Latreasa Goodman’s picture, you can tell that something’s a little off.


And the response from the Florida operations manager just added to the story’s foolishness factor: “We want to correct our mistake. We will be sending the customer her refund, along with an invitation to return for her original order, on us. We never want to disappoint a McNuggets fan or any McDonald’s customer. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.”

I didn’t know McNuggets had fans, but if you say so.

So, anyway, fast forward a few months to when I read about another McDonald’s incident last week in Oregon where a guy called 911 because his order was screwed up and he didn’t get the orange juice he ordered.

“What are they putting in McDonald’s food?” I thought.

The last straw came when I watched a CNN clip of a man in Fort Worth, Texas, who called 911 because his wife was called fat.


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I’ve heard this sentiment before, and I usually said, YouTube isn’t that bad. Sure a lot of craziness is on there, but where else can you go to see the latest music video or catch an old news clip? I usually treat YouTube like WalMart – I get in, get what I need and get out. Don’t have time to just look around because there’s no telling what I’d end up buying. So I know exactly what I’m looking for whenever I type YouTube into the browser. I try to shield myself from typing in the wrong thing.

But after I ran the guest post last week from The Cynical Ones with the parents taping the overly sexual kids, I realized I could no longer turn a blind eye. So I forced myself to see what other types of videos have parents taping their kids doing crazy things. I knew I would regret it, but alas I did it. And yup, YouTube is the devil. A den of decadence, and for every good video out there, videos exploiting kids like the ones below also exist.

All races, all backgrounds. Kids shouldn’t have to grow up getting exploited by their own relatives/parents. After this experiment (NEVER AGAIN!) I don’t just quit black people – I want to just quit people. No telling what kind of adults these kids are going to turn out to be. Has American society just lost all limits on what’s decent and acceptable? Sigh. Whyy lawd why are you allowing this mess? Sadly, I’m sure there’s worse stuff than this out there. (more…)

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Editor’s Note: For all you Miami readers, please get your people. I claim no part of this segment of the Black community. SMH.

From: The Cynical Ones

Welcome to another edition of You Should Be Raising a Child Not a Statistic, Stupid.

This week’s venom is spewed in the direction of whoever is responsible for these overly sexual children. This video looks like a cross between The Muppet Babies and Uncut. That’s a problem for you, for me, and whoever will have to treat these poor kids at the free clinic in a couple of years. I flagged the video, but I wish I could flag everyone present in this video.

“Lil’ Trina” is sad for a number of reasons. Off the bat one ought to look into calling CPS for bead abuse. If she swings her head too fast during recess some poor kid is going to grow up with the nickname “Wonk Eye.” I went to elementary school with a girl with bead happy parents. Trust me when I say no good can come of it.

While I’m not mad at Lil’ Trina’s obvious natural talent to jook or her mastery of the Ciara stank face (not an insult), you will not have a little girl making her three day old a** clap. Especially not in a crowd full of adult men. What kind of R. Kelly parenting book are Negroes reading nowadays?

I feel like I might need to contact a lawyer just for posting this.

For the little girl who bent over with grown women coaching her on: May Jesus come in the form of infertility for those women. If your kid turns out to be a stripper on her own accord, fine. But don’t teach her hoe s**t before she takes the PSAT. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. At least teach the girl how to read the word Strokers before you start training her to work there.

The little boys humping the ground are no better. I want to toss a G.I. Joe toy at their dads…wherever they are. I’m not even going to touch on the other forms of eroticism in the video.

But they were obviously caught by the YouTube users cheering this on:

dem aint kids dey lillte adults my nephew 6 and kant do that now thats talent

lmao lil mama wit da beadz… lol bt tru dat … dat lil grlk waz gettn it lol

that lil boy is sexy, i kno i prolly sound like a predator but he can be my boyfriend numbah 2 LMAO…. he got down on da dance flo

I think I should title my book Some People Don’t Deserve Reproductive Organs.

I used to think outside of my nieces that I wasn’t kid friendly. Then I thought it’s not kids that I dislike, it’s bad a** kids. Now it’s dawned on me that I have no ill will toward any children at all. It’s their parents I hate. I’m not questioning the supreme being’s logic, but sometimes I wish God had imposed an application process for parenting.

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For some reason, Soulja Boy’s current song, “Turn My Swag On,” doesn’t bother me too much. Which isn’t saying a lot for the song – it’s more a shining light on how horrible hip-hop is right now. As I watched him sit on piles of money in the music video when I saw it for the first time, I thought, some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have money.

He describes people who don’t like his music as the haters. Well I’ll be that then.

He also asks, “Why they hatin’ on me?” As one of the “theys,” I’ll give my reasons.

He should have been a one hit wonder. All the factors were there:

A. Little to no talent. (Is he even a rapper? Or merely a person who talks/yells/sings over beats?)

B. An initial hit song that came out of nowhere.

The combo of A and B should have led to a one hit wonder. But alas, he’s still here. After his original hit, “Crank That,” in 2007, I just ignored him, and hoped he would go away. I assumed he’d be gone before I had the time to get annoyed by his presence in hip-hop.

But somehow, he stayed. And he continued to churn out songs like “YAHH,” with very few words that have more than two syllables. It’s evident that he didn’t graduate from high school. (more…)

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When I initially started WLLC, I knew I would eventually write an entry about how much Plies bothers me. Literally disturbs me. I have never made it through an entire Plies video. But after stopping by What About Our Daughters, where Gina is up in arms about a new Plies-created reality show called “Goonette,” I decided there was no point in waiting. Might as well get him out of the way while I’m thinking about it.

One of the main reasons I dislike him is because he always looks dirty. Like he hasn’t showered or brushed his teeth in a while, and if I watch too many of his videos I may catch something through the screen.

The second reason is that this fool went to a college (University of South Florida) before he started rapping. From his repulsive lyrics, as I mentioned in a previous post, I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint his level of education beyond about fourth grade.

But the biggest reason Plies is on my Go Away, People Who Shouldn’t Reproduce list is because he takes pleasure in making songs out of degrading nicknames for women. I don’t know if he even knows how to call a woman by her real name, or if he just uses phrases like Shawty, Bust it Baby and Goonette until he tires of those and creates new ones.

One of the reasons I was appalled at “Flavor of Love” when it came out was because Flavor Flav couldn’t bother to remember the girls’ names, and therefore decided to rename them himself. That is so degrading – reminiscent of slavery times when the slaves were given new European names. (more…)

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