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After Republican Rep. Joe Wilson made his outburst during President Obama’s speech to Congress last night, he came out with an apology.

Because I felt like partaking in some pure foolery, my version of the night’s events are in bold. The rest is straight from CNN’s Political Ticker.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — GOP Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina issued a statement Wednesday night apologizing for his outburst during President Obama’s speech to Congress:

“This evening I let my inner hater loose! let my emotions get the best of me when I was kind of listening to the liar’s President’s lies remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the death to America health care bill. Sometimes when you’re upset, things just slip out. What’s a little “You lie!” every now and then? How was I supposed to know people would get upset? I did feel Nancy Pelosi’s cold side-eye, but really, was that supposed to let me know I was in the wrong?

So it’s OK to spread the death to Granny story and make posters of the President as a Communist Joker, but someone shouts a little bit of truth during a speech and people get all upset? I thought it was OK to disrespect the President and yell out during one of his speeches to Congress. Our behavior’s supposed to be different here than at an unruly town hall meeting? We’re supposed to pretend to be civil? Oh. Well someone should have sent ME that memo because I didn’t know.

While I disagree with the liar’s President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and completely reasonable and necessary regrettable. Now I have to pretend to be sorry even though I’m not. I extend sincere yeah right, he can go suck it apologies to the liar President for my people not backing me up this lack of civility. You all were supposed to have my back! This was not how it was supposed to go down when we met before the speech.”

Here’s what went down after the apology statement was issued:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — CNN’s Deirdre Walsh reports that Republican Rep. Joe Wilson called the White House Wednesday night to apologize for his outburst during President Obama’s speech, and spoke with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

UPDATE: CNN’s Ed Henry reports that a senior administration official says that in the phone call, Emanuel accepted the apology on behalf of the president and told the congressman: “Eff That Sorry Apology After What You Pulled Tonight!” Click. “We can disagree without being disagreeable. That was the point of the President’s speech.”


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For some reason I just got extra ticked off today. It started off with the coverage of President Obama’s Back to School speech and then ended with the mainstream media’s coverage of what he “must” say during his speech to Congress on health care this week. I don’t know what’s more frustrating – President Obama acting like he’s still campaigning for the presidency and waiting for the opposition to turn around and take him in open arms – or Conservatives acting like he needs their permission to even do something like make a speech to children urging them to do well in school.

I know President Obama is all about bipartisanship and all, but if someone shows you that they would drive over you if you tripped and fell onto the street, waiting for them to like you becomes futile. The longer he waits to be liked and hosts events like “Beerfest ’09,” the longer he’s going to have to placate people and ask permission to do his job. And the more the media and Conservatives will think it’s OK to make him ask permission.

On CNN today, there was a long panel discussion on “What President Obama MUST Say” during his speech to Congress on healthcare. What he has to say that will be OK to CNN pundits. Not what he may say, but what he MUST say to make them happy.

Then we have Ga. Sen. Saxby Chambliss on Fox News talking about how President Obama has to be “humble” when he speaks to Congress about health care.

Because Obama may be president, but we wouldn’t want him getting all uppity or anything. Remember who’s boss now.


It’s like bullies in school. Once someone lets the bullies get away with disrespecting him or her once, they’re not going to stop doing it just because you offer them a nice smile and some candy. President Obama: THEY DON’T WANT YOUR CANDY. No matter how sweet it is. They’ll throw it on the ground because it has the taint of that uppity Negro Communist who handed it to them. How you deal with this is up to you. But just remember that you actually won the election last year. You don’t need the media or Conservative’s permission to get something done.

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Cross-posted from my fictional blog: Relax.Relate.Release.

Obama 2008

To: Staff

From: If You Don’t Know Who I Am By Now You Shouldn’t Be Working Here

Subject: P.A.S.S. or Parentally Approved Skip School Day


I’ve heard rumblings that some of you are planning to keep your children home from school on September 8th because you don’t want them viewing the live feed from President Obama’s Back to School Speech. You don’t want him indoctrinating your kids with his Commie-speak. And that’s completely your prerogative. What I want to address is how this “Parentally Approved Skip School Day” will affect your work on Tuesday. Let me put it plainly so there’s no confusion: IT WON’T. It’s rather sad that I have to list what is unacceptable, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it.

Just because your kids are not in school doesn’t mean we want them here. We’re a place of business, not a daycare, so don’t bother packing up their lunchboxes and dragging them in here with you on Tuesday morning. And don’t act like you were confused about the contents of this e-mail. “Oh, I thought you meant no kids under five! I assumed Susie would be OK sitting beside me at my desk.” Uh uh. Not going to happen.

Moving on. Let me address those of you who see this as an opportunity to make your three-day weekend become a full blown four-day vacation. This is not Parent Skip day. We’re not off on Tuesday, so don’t try calling in talking about you’re “sick,” while we hear the sounds of your child singing in the car or getting ready to ride an amusement park ride. This also applies to those who don’t have children. Don’t make up some random child’s name on Tuesday as an excuse for why you have to leave suddenly. If you’ve been here for more than nine months and no one has heard you mention little Michael, leave him out of your mouth on Tuesday.

Finally, for those staff members planning to protest outside of the school building with “Keep Your Hands off My Child, Obama!” posters – just know that we do have televisions in the office. If we see you on television protesting when you were supposed to be on your 20-minute break, don’t bother coming up with a lie for why you were late coming back to your desk. This also accounts for those mysteriously missing from the office, but continuously updating your Facebook/Twitter accounts proclaiming how proud you are that you took your kids out of school that day.

Not reading the contents of this e-mail and claiming you didn’t know you couldn’t take off on Tuesday is also not a valid reason for your absence. If for some reason I’ve forgotten any possible excuse you could come up with for not coming into the office on Tuesday, just know that it’s not going to fly unless you have proof that you’re actually sick or dying.

Have a productive day,


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art.obama.gun.poolThe presence of guns has entered the health care debate. This could easily get out of hand. And what’s crazy, is so far, the media is acting like this is OK. How do health care reform and gun rights correlate? This is disturbing in so many ways and shouldn’t just be seen as people exercising their Second Amendment rights. I wish these all these angry folks would own up to what they’re really angry about because it sure isn’t health care.

From the Associated Press:

PHOENIX – About a dozen people carrying guns, including one with a military-style rifle, milled among protesters outside the convention center where President Barack Obama was giving a speech Monday — the latest incident in which protesters have openly displayed firearms near the president.

Gun-rights advocates say they’re exercising their constitutional right to bear arms and protest, while those who argue for more gun control say it could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Phoenix police said the gun-toters at Monday’s event, including the man carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle slung over his shoulder, didn’t need permits. No crimes were committed, and no one was arrested.

The man with the rifle declined to be identified but told The Arizona Republic that he was carrying the assault weapon because he could. “In Arizona, I still have some freedoms,” he said.

Phoenix police Detective J. Oliver, who monitored the man at the downtown protest, said police also wanted to make sure no one decided to harm him.

“Just by his presence and people seeing the rifle and people knowing the president was in town, it sparked a lot of emotions,” Oliver said. “We were keeping peace on both ends.”

Last week, during Obama’s health care town hall in Portsmouth, N.H., a man carrying a sign reading “It is time to water the tree of liberty” stood outside with a pistol strapped to his leg.

“It’s a political statement,” he told The Boston Globe. “If you don’t use your rights, then you lose your rights.”

Police asked the man to move away from school property, but he was not arrested.

Fred Solop, a Northern Arizona University political scientist, said the incidents in New Hampshire and Arizona could signal the beginning of a disturbing trend.

“When you start to bring guns to political rallies, it does layer on another level of concern and significance,” Solop said. “It actually becomes quite scary for many people. It creates a chilling effect in the ability of our society to carry on honest communication.”

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President Obama is now saying that the public option is only a sliver of health reform. The administration is suggesting some type of co-op option instead. Err??? Where did this come from? Over the weekend, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the public option is “not the essential element” for reform.  Then the administration came out saying that Sebelius “misspoke.” Uh huh. It seems like this is the Obama Administration’s way of backing down on health care reform, without just saying, um, yeah, we’re backing out of the public option.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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While in the Congo this week, this moment – instead of her speaking on the sexual violence in the country – has pushed U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton back into the spotlight:

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In the week since the House began its break, several town hall-style meetings have been disrupted by demonstrators. These episodes have drawn widespread media attention, and Republicans have seized on them as well as polls showing a decline in support for Obama and his agenda as evidence that public support is lacking for his signature legislation. St. Louis Post Dispatch

When I read about the town hall meetings across the country getting out of hand last week, my first reaction was whealth-care-meetinghat’s going on? Why are people coming out of a Tampa health care town hall meeting looking like they just left an unruly club “let out” where the police had to be called to the scene? —>

Adults can’t sit down and act civilized to actually discuss an issue anymore?

An overflow crowd outside of a forum on aging in St. Louis led to confrontations and arrests. Link here.

On Friday, a Democratic lawmaker from Washington received a faxed death threat a day after he described angry town hall demonstrators as “a lynch mob.” Rep. Brian Baird of Washington, who supports President Barack Obama’s push to overhaul the health care system, said that he also received threatening phone calls. He canceled the rest of the town halls he’d scheduled during Congress’ August recess.

A few Democratic congressional offices also have received threats connected to the health care debate. The U.S. Capitol Police has advised all of them to cancel their town halls.

“President Obama underestimated the free-fall the nation had already taken in partisan hostility when he talked about bringing change to Washington,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., who supports reform. “It has gotten worse. There is something at play here that is indescribable.” Miami Herald

How did this issue get so volatile so quickly? And why are the protesters sooo angry? They just want to be angry, I thought. Just like the Tea Party protests, it’s more than just health care – they’re just angry at the administration and want people to know they’re mad as hell and aren’t taking this mess anymore! (more…)

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