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He’s made more than 155 guest appearances and more than 20 Billboard Hot 100 songs. He’s been nominated for four Grammy awards.

His name is Akon, and he’s a marginally talented “singer” who wails badly on songs and somehow keeps making hits.

Like Soulja Boy, Akon is another artist I’ve been waiting to go away for a while. But he just won’t go.

Akon – similar to T-Pain – is a “singer” that other artists keep asking to join them on songs because it will increase their chances of getting a hit.

What confuses me the most is that no matter how horrible his stuff sounds, Akon pretty much always makes the charts.

The infiltration of artists like Akon, T-Pain and Soulja Boy into mainstream music is the reason I can barely listen to the radio today.

But the most disturbing aspect of Akon’s fame is his ability to garner collaborations with people a gazillion times more talented than him. Acclaimed artists who are already famous but they end up working with Akon because they (or record executives) want another hit.

The List of Shame: (more…)


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For various reasons, such as the sheer need for money/work, or because they’ve fallen off and need some quick exposure, many artists end up taking gigs that fall way below their skill level. A few examples:

Angela Bassett’s role in “Meet The Browns.” She’s too good for this, I thought as she feigned interest in Rick Fox, who delivered all his lines with as much believability as he could muster up. (Who keeps hiring him for acting roles?)

After sitting through an hour and 40 minutes of this horribly written movie, I felt for Angela. And vowed a personal boycott of any future Tyler Perry films.

Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie for recording songs with Akon. The songs aren’t that bad, but still. I know it’s been awhile since he had a big hit, but Lionel can still do better. And Akon has no business anywhere near a recording studio with Michael Jackson.


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