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This mess right here just may make it onto my list of the top foolery moments of ’09. A Jonas Brothers’ song about robbing a bank. With Common on it. Yes, that Common. Give a listen for yourself:

If I could take the Jonas Brothers off, it might have been OK. Why was I actually rocking along about three minutes in? If it was Linkin Park or even The Fray, I’d be OK. (Sidenote: Give a listen to “New Divide” if you haven’t heard it yet.) But umm, yeah, it’s the Jonas Brothers. From the infamous Stevie Wonder Grammys pairing debacle that I will never forget nor forgive. So I can’t approve. I would put Common on the You’re Too Good for This list, but he’s made a lot of questionable actions after “Be.” Like that whole “Universal Mind Control” album. So sadly, this isn’t all that surprising.

“There’s a song we wrote recently and we were thinking… it does sound different and kind of strange, and [we’d like to work with] a rapper who has some real meaningful lyrics,” Nick Jonas told MTV. “[Someone who] has some real depth to what he’s saying — someone like a Common or a Lupe Fiasco or a Mos Def. Someone who takes more of a spoken-word approach. That’d be really cool.” Exclaim News

I’m just glad that Lupe and Mos didn’t take it. After news of that whole Soulja Boy/Lupe pairing, I don’t think my heart could take anything else.


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