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I have no words for how horrible this story is. I’m always shocked at how cruel people can be, but this is just on a whole other level.


From AFP:

Grave robbers stripped at least 300 plots at a historic black cemetery outside Chicago, dumped many of the bodies and then resold the plots for a profit, officials said Thursday.

The years-long scheme was carried out by the cemetery’s manager and three gravediggers who sold the “used” graves so they could pocket the fees rather than pass them along to the Arizona-based owners.

“This was not done in a very delicate way,” Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart said at a press conference.

“They would excavate a grave, excavate the entire site and then they would proceed to dump the remains wherever they found a place to do it in the back of the cemetery.”

They would also sometimes leave the remains in the grave and “pound them down and put someone else on top,” Dart said.

It will likely take months before authorities can identify all of the bodies and restore the gravesites, Dart said, adding that efforts will be complicated by the fact that the cemetery’s records were destroyed and altered.

“We don’t know what else to tell the people, but we are horrifically sorry they have been subjected to this,” Dart said.

“We are working on making this right.”

The scheme came to light when Burr Oak Cemetery’s Arizona-based owners contacted the sheriff’s department after discovering a large discrepancy in the cemetery’s finances. (more…)


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