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After the Holocaust museum shooting yesterday, Shepard Smith discussed the level of hatred in the frightening e-mails that Fox News viewers send the network. Especially after the recent election, he emphasized.

But then he went on to say, “They are on Web sites and people are feeding each other the same bunch of hate that’s not based in fact.”

Ummm, Shep, did you forget what network you work for? Hate not based in fact is what goes on there! I don’t even know how the people who work for the network can even say the News part of the title with a straight face. So why is Smith be so seemingly shocked about all this?

That’s like a strip club manager or hip-hop music video casting director doing interviews talking about how shocked and appalled they are about the over-sexualized and degrading images of women in society. It just ain’t right.

So, Shep, if you’re really trying to figure out why your viewers have been sending in increasingly more hatred-filled letters/e-mails, just take the time and watch a marathon of Fox News coverage this year. That might, just might give you a clue.


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