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This mess right here just may make it onto my list of the top foolery moments of ’09. A Jonas Brothers’ song about robbing a bank. With Common on it. Yes, that Common. Give a listen for yourself:

If I could take the Jonas Brothers off, it might have been OK. Why was I actually rocking along about three minutes in? If it was Linkin Park or even The Fray, I’d be OK. (Sidenote: Give a listen to “New Divide” if you haven’t heard it yet.) But umm, yeah, it’s the Jonas Brothers. From the infamous Stevie Wonder Grammys pairing debacle that I will never forget nor forgive. So I can’t approve. I would put Common on the You’re Too Good for This list, but he’s made a lot of questionable actions after “Be.” Like that whole “Universal Mind Control” album. So sadly, this isn’t all that surprising.

“There’s a song we wrote recently and we were thinking… it does sound different and kind of strange, and [we’d like to work with] a rapper who has some real meaningful lyrics,” Nick Jonas told MTV. “[Someone who] has some real depth to what he’s saying — someone like a Common or a Lupe Fiasco or a Mos Def. Someone who takes more of a spoken-word approach. That’d be really cool.” Exclaim News

I’m just glad that Lupe and Mos didn’t take it. After news of that whole Soulja Boy/Lupe pairing, I don’t think my heart could take anything else.


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I always enjoy listening to pop/rock/alternative music on my playlist. I’ve sung along with Kelly Clarkson, danced to the Ting Tings, driven to The Fray, and rocked along to Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park. I even have a few guilty pleasure Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera songs on deck.

But for the life of me, I cannot understand the phenomenon that is Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers. I have never heard such underwhelming, mid to barely average singing. And yet, young people are going crazy over them, and they are EVERYWHERE.


Taylor Swift won album of the year at the CMAs, and Miley Cyrus concerts create such high demand that parents have to resort to all types of measures (legal and illegal) to score their kids tickets. Even the Obamas have taken the girls to Jonas Brothers concerts. And whoever it was on the Grammy award committee who decided that the Jonas Brothers were talented enough to perform with Stevie Wonder and mess up his lyrics on stage deserves a beating and a ban from any future award show decisions. I still get upset whenever I think about that foolery. (more…)

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