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The first single off of Mariah Carey’s next album, “Obsessed,” was released yesterday. “Obsessed” would be a perfectly fine song for a lesser singer. A Rihanna perhaps. A Keri Hilson. Or at last resort, a Cassie.

The song is on some Britney Spears level material. And while crazy Britney may be one of my guilty pleasures, Mariah Carey is wayyy too talented to be singing songs on a Britney level. Britney’s already done a song about people being obsessed about her. More than one, in fact. Entertainers like Britney and T-Pain need machines to make them sound better. Mariah, you can actually sing. You don’t need auto-tune.

I let Mariah pass on “E=MC2”. She’s just trying to stay current, I thought. She’ll come better the next album. But then I heard this. The reason I think Mariah’s too good to be near auto-tune and people like The Dream is because she is. The woman has natural talent and has sold more than 200 million albums during the span of her career. She’s not a newbie to the singing game who has to follow the trends to sell records. She came out with “The Emancipation of Mimi,” in 2005 and saanng. And it was a hit. Once you get to a certain status in the music world, you don’t have to stay with what’s current to stay in the game.  

But even though I think Mariah has the talent to do better, this song’s still gonna be a hit. I can already hear it on the radio in between “Best I Ever Had” and whatever single Beyonce has out.


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When I first saw previews for Obsessed, I thought, who’s going to pay their hard-earned recession dollars to see this crappy movie? It looked like a straight to DVD, early dollar movie film for sure. And who isn’t tired of Beyonce’s attempts to act? I was considering writing a “You’re Too Good for This” post about Idris Elba’s participation in this foolery.

Critically, reviewers annihilated the film, but Obsessed still came in at the top of the box office this weekend raking in $28.5 million. Who knew? Even against movies like The Soloist with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., this Fatal Attraction meets random Lifetime movie knocked all its competitors out of the water.

I wouldn’t go see it even if I could afford to, but hey – if Beverly Hills Chihuahua could become a surprise box office hit, why not Obsessed?

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