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When I first saw Phylicia Rashad doing Jenny Craig commercials, I thought, “You don’t have to do this Phylicia!” Why? You’ve aged well — what’s the problem?

She looked fine to me. Everybody gains a little weight from time to time. So what? But then I saw her new Jenny commercial after she lost 18 pounds. And she looked great! So I rescind my original You’re Too Good for This thoughts Phylicia. Go Jenny Craig! But I love Phylicia Rashad, so she looks beautiful to me before and after.



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Well, that was a short blogging break. Back in a good mood now. Below is one of my favorite scenes from “Polly,” a TV movie from 1989 starring Keshia Knight Pulliam and Phylicia Rashad. Growing up, I always had this tape in the VCR, until it tragically got lost during a move. Debbie Allen put a hurtin’ on the choreography in this scene. I’ve never been able to watch it without dancing around the house.

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