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I was watching the interview above with female rapper Nicki Minaj for Honey Magazine – one of my fellow J school alumnae edited the video by the way (random shout out over) – and I noticed that Ms. Nicki looked different somehow. I haven’t heard her music, but I’ve seen pictures of her looking like this on various Web sites:

Um, yeah, so my first reaction was that she looked a little ho-ish to say the least. I didn’t really want to know what she was rapping about.

So when I checked out the photos and video interview with Honey, I thought, is that the same girl? She looks so different.


But then I realized she looked prettier. Just sitting there in the video wearing a black hoodie and her hair up in a pony she looked so much better to me than when she was all spread out in that other picture. So lesson of the day for those young women who think that in order to look sexy or attractive women have to wear fewer clothes – you really don’t.

I’m sure some of the guys will disagree with me on this one. What’s your view? Do you think she looks better toned down?


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