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I was watching the interview above with female rapper Nicki Minaj for Honey Magazine – one of my fellow J school alumnae edited the video by the way (random shout out over) – and I noticed that Ms. Nicki looked different somehow. I haven’t heard her music, but I’ve seen pictures of her looking like this on various Web sites:

Um, yeah, so my first reaction was that she looked a little ho-ish to say the least. I didn’t really want to know what she was rapping about.

So when I checked out the photos and video interview with Honey, I thought, is that the same girl? She looks so different.


But then I realized she looked prettier. Just sitting there in the video wearing a black hoodie and her hair up in a pony she looked so much better to me than when she was all spread out in that other picture. So lesson of the day for those young women who think that in order to look sexy or attractive women have to wear fewer clothes – you really don’t.

I’m sure some of the guys will disagree with me on this one. What’s your view? Do you think she looks better toned down?


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I was listening to Kanye’s first album this week thinking, what happened to this Kanye?  The one before the unnecessary auto tune album and the statements about being a proud non-reader of books as he promotes a new book? I just don’t understand this current version…

So when I found this online, I thought, this song so should have been a single. Spaceship was one of my favorites from “College Dropout.”

Here’s a clip of the video that was never released. Originally posted up by GLC on his blog.

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Is it just me, or does it feel like T.I. has been talking about going to prison forever? Well, he finally goes to prison for a year and a day today. I generally like T.I., but I am glad the go away parties/concerts have finally come to a close.

I mean if he wasn’t a celeb with money, would he have had a year of go away activities before heading to prison? No. He’d be doing concerts for free with his prison mates. And he’d already be in prison.

I like that T.I. is using his personal life to mentor to the youth for his community service, but at some point, his Countdown to Lockdown tour began to promote the lifestyle that he’s trying to advise others from participating in.

And although he told CNN in March, “People should not idolize him for what he’s gone through, but should take note of the fact that he has taken responsibility for his actions,” he’ll still probably be even more popular after going to prison than he was before.

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Am I just late? I’ve been hearing a lot lately about this person. I know he’s a rapper and was rumored to date Rihanna recently. Other than that I got nothing. For a minute there I didn’t like feeling out of the loop, so I was going to find out who he was. Then I realized I didn’t care. If he’s important enough for me to know about him, I’ll find out eventually.

Should I care? Is he a good rapper? Or should I just stay ignorant and not use any brain cells knowing who he is or what he does like Teyana Taylor?

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For some reason, Soulja Boy’s current song, “Turn My Swag On,” doesn’t bother me too much. Which isn’t saying a lot for the song – it’s more a shining light on how horrible hip-hop is right now. As I watched him sit on piles of money in the music video when I saw it for the first time, I thought, some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have money.

He describes people who don’t like his music as the haters. Well I’ll be that then.

He also asks, “Why they hatin’ on me?” As one of the “theys,” I’ll give my reasons.

He should have been a one hit wonder. All the factors were there:

A. Little to no talent. (Is he even a rapper? Or merely a person who talks/yells/sings over beats?)

B. An initial hit song that came out of nowhere.

The combo of A and B should have led to a one hit wonder. But alas, he’s still here. After his original hit, “Crank That,” in 2007, I just ignored him, and hoped he would go away. I assumed he’d be gone before I had the time to get annoyed by his presence in hip-hop.

But somehow, he stayed. And he continued to churn out songs like “YAHH,” with very few words that have more than two syllables. It’s evident that he didn’t graduate from high school. (more…)

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