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Even though times are rough, one positive aspect of the recession is that more restaurants are having specials, and basically giving food away to get people to dine at their establishments. Every time you turn on the TV, another fast-food chain is adding a value menu or a restaurant is having a special.

Many items on the value menu at fast food places aren’t the healthiest foods, but at least if you only have a few quarters, you can go somewhere besides Taco Bell or McDonalds.

And if they’re not adding value menus, restaurants are having giveaways.

Denny’s served free Grand Slams at all its locations in February, and offered a free Grand Slamwich this month.

 “We want to continue to connect with today’s consumers who we know have lots of choices and limited dollars,” said Denny’s CEO Nelson Marchioli.

Limited dollars indeed. (more…)


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